China Electronics

china electronicsOne of the major fields in which China and Chinese wholesale businesses are true leaders and innovators of their field is the online trade of wholesale electronics. Cheap, reliable, mass-produced and visibly marketed around the world, the Chinese electronics industry and wholesale market is one of the fastest growing and most lucrative sectors of the Chinese economy.

The development of Chinese electronics manufacturing to the point where it is today — the world’s second-largest ICT (information and communications technology) manufacturer after the U.S. — wasn’t likely just mere decades ago. Taking into account just the relatively short history of the People’s Republic of China, from its establishment in 1949 until today, it is only in the last decade and a half — roughly from the mid-1990s onward — that China’s large and highly-disciplined workforce, combined with aggressive government planning and investment into R&D as well as the inflow of FDI (foreign direct investment), has fundamentally transformed the Chinese economy in general and the electronics industry in China in particular.

According to some 2005 estimates, the Chinese electronics industry has an average annual growth rate of around 20%. That is an absolutely staggering number, until you realize that it makes perfect sense: the Chinese population is the largest in the world, now surpassing 1.3 billion; the Chinese government has drastically modernized and reformed the Chinese economy by creating strong free market incentives and mechanisms alongside aggressive state planning and investment; and the people of China are considered to be some of the most industrious and entrepreneurial in history.

China is already the biggest manufacturing economy in the world, with its industrial base growing, while virtually all other developed nations’ manufacturing bases are shrinking with the commensurate growth of their service sectors. If you are interested in more resources and opportunities for you to take advantage of cheap, quality Chinese wholesale electronics products, check out the “China Wholesale Links” page above!