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wholesale chinaWelcome to WholesaleChina.com, your guide to the vast and still-growing Chinese wholesale market! Here, you will find resources on Chinese wholesalers, what the term “wholesale” means, and the important role it plays in the hierarchy of economic production. You can also find out more about businesses in China and the general Chinese economic climate, something everyone should be aware of even if you are not planning on doing business with China any time soon. In fact, if you’re an average Western consumer in the United States or Europe, you already are doing business with China: just look at all the products in any shopping mall or convenience store you go to that have a “Made in China” label on them.

If you care about the world around you and the processes that animate the current era of globalization and increased economic interdependence, you ought to know about the role of China, the Chinese economy, Chinese wholesalers, and other businesses in China, in shaping the world of the twenty-first century. And if you’re a cost-conscious business anywhere in the world, or a consumer who wants to buy any product economically — from eyewear to machinery to computers, cars, or any other industrial or consumer goods — you need to have some basic knowledge of Chinese wholesale and the retail businesses that offer their products both online and offline.

The fact that the Chinese economy has risen from a relatively meager and heavily agrarian semi-feudal state to being one of the primary drivers of manufacturing, innovation and economic growth throughout the world today is a truly remarkable feat. It is due to the industriousness of entrepreneurs in China, as well as an aggressive development strategy and economic reforms by the Chinese government, particularly after 1979. Check out the additional pages above to find out more about businesses in China, China’s successful trade policy, and the booming Chinese electronics market. There are also additional resources that you will find useful as a consumer, businessman, or simply a global citizen who wants to stay informed about the world around them.